I have two sons who are now 13 and 4. Both were at Robin’s Nest from infants to kindergarten. Robin, Renee, and the staff are always friendly and so good with the kids. I wasn’t thrilled with the super structured day care environment, but I also didn’t want my boys in someone’s home. Robin’s Nest is the best of both worlds.
— Meris Myers
My oldest didn’t always want to quit playing when it was time to go home. He is very well adjusted socially, likes to be helpful, and loves the outside play area. Now he is learning lots of new things and looking forward to kindergarten in the fall.
— Jennifer Grason
Robin’s family became ours, and she cared for our boys like her own.
— Ginnie Kiesewetter
Upon meeting Robin and Renee I was immediately at ease. Their commitment and love for the children at the facility were more than apparent. My daughter has been with Robin since she was three months old and she is now three years old! Robin’s backyard compares to nothing else out there. Mostly shaded, she has tons of playground equipment and open field space for running around. I would highly recommend Robin’s Nest for any family who is looking at daycare. Your child will be well- cared for and loved, guaranteed!
— Wendy Stickle
I can honestly say, I wouldn’t take my kids anywhere else, I started going to Robin’s Nest after having my second child and found myself suddenly without a nanny. I met with Robin and immediately felt like this was where I wanted my kids to be. Seven years and two more kids later and I am still there.
— Shelly Cottone
I am a single mom and first grade teacher of two special needs boys. Robin and her staff have welcomed my boys with open arms.
— Jennifer Rodgers